Strategies for HR teams to Drive Business Growth

HR Tech Outlook | Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Business Organizations across the globe are acknowledging the importance of employee engagement to drive revenue growth. Many companies are upskilling their employees’ digital competence and refining talent decisions with cloud-based productivity data to enhance the efficiency of their business processes and application.

A competent human workforce can provide a significant competitive edge to an organization. The 2018 Global Talent Trends Study shows that people are anxious and excited in equal measures about technology’s heady mix of challenges and possibilities. It also states that enterprises are poised to take advantage of human resilience, empathy, creativity, and strategic thinking.

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There have been significant developments in the workforce of business organization in recent years. Employees are adapting to change quickly to drive organizational competency. These developments require effective strategies by the HR team to foster growth. Here are a few strategies that the HR team can implement to drive change:

Foster exponential learning: The upper management in organizations believe that we are entering an era of permanent transformation, which favors people and organizations that can pivot rapidly to take advantage of opportunities. Employees also acknowledge that they need to develop new digital skills in order to stay relevant in their organization. The HR teams can start initiatives that encourage employees to operate outside their comfort zone, and focus on upskilling digital competence.

Provide smart talent supply and demand data: The cut-throat competition in the market has forced HR teams to build the workforce for the future at the speed that executives want. To accomplish these demands, HR teams need to embrace digital platforms that match skill supply with work demand through enhanced data and analytics. These platforms can analyze the data to make predictions, which can help HR teams to optimize the resource mix.

Deliver a consumer-grade experience for employees:  Employee experience plays an indispensable role in business growth. A digital experience can boost productivity as well as employee experience. The digital tools can provide a consumerized experience that offers intuitive digital access, personalization, and wellness. 

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