State-of-the-Art Desktop Application Refining Workforce Communication

By HR Tech Outlook | Friday, July 19, 2019

Employee engagement and communication platforms enable an organization to create, curate, and manage structured, measurable communication directly to all employees, building more vibrant connection throughout the company.

FREMONT, CA: The employee communication and engagement platform, Dynamic Signal releases industry's first desktop application, extending the functionality of its employee communication engagement, and advocacy platform. The new desktop application broadens the reach of communication to all employees across all channels, on devices they prefer, while cutting through the noise of cluttered inboxes and collaboration tools. With this, employees can easily stay informed and connected with native desktop notifications and without having to navigate to an outside web destination. 

Workforce demographics are changing; today's employees demand increased collaboration, transparency, and feedback. For working efficiently, they require tools that can set them up for success in the new environment, where internal communication plays a more significant role than ever before. At this point of unprecedented change in the global workplace, employee communication and engagement platforms become a critical component for the success of world-class organizations. Hundreds of organizations trust Dynamic Signal to increase productivity by delivering timely, relevant information to millions of employees around the world so they can do their business better.

With Dynamic Signal, enterprises can finally reach every employee with the right communication on the right channel to develop a more informed, engaged, and activated workforce. It can empower the employees to take initiatives and measure the effectiveness of communication efforts across every segment of the organization. The platform also reduces communication noises for employees by delivering relevant content based on job function, location, department, or any other custom attribute.

Dynamic Signals plays a more significant role for the organizations aiming to achieve that perfect thriving culture with employee engagement and communication platform.

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