Standard Features For Any Perfect ATS For Recruiters

HR Tech Outlook | Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Fremont, CA: A realistic and advanced recruiting method gets identified and pursued by talented job searchers. As a human resources expert, one must have recruitment software with a comprehensive set of ATS functions. It makes it simple to connect with great talent. To engage the ideal applicants and increase overall recruiter productivity.

Best ATS Features

  • Customizable Career Website

One of the first places potential applicants will see the organization is on the career website. Ensure that the applicant tracking software allows businesses to alter the appearance and feel of the career website. It must also operate on mobile devices the same as it does on desktop PCs.

  • Simple Application Process and Mobile Experience

Candidates should not be required to jump through hoops to submit their applications to businesses. Instead, make sure that prospects may send business their information in whatever method they desire, whether it's by uploading a résumé, effortlessly applying through LinkedIn, or even snapping a photo of their resume with their phone. The recruitment system has to reduce discord between businesses and prospective applicants when one is on the road.

  • Employee Referral Program

Referrals are, without question, one of the greatest and most reliable sources of recruits. As part of the applicant tracking system, be sure to create a smooth and simple recommendation program for all business workers. Employees may quickly notify their connections where to seek new openings at the organization using a well-established referral scheme.

  • Hiring Manager Collaboration Tools

These technologies keep everyone informed by allowing numerous internal parties to see the status of applicants. In addition, the software's intelligence scores candidates automatically and predict onboarding timelines. With incredibly comprehensive ATS tracking tools, businesses can efficiently arrange interviews.

  • Complete Recruiting Process Integrations

The applicant tracking system is simply a small portion of the overall recruitment and hiring process in most cases. Therefore, one must ensure that the software connects the hiring data to the rest of the recruitment ecosystem, from background screening to HRIS. Integrations that are built-in and customized let businesses eliminate redundant data input processes and reorganize the workflow.

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