Shiftgig Reorients Business Model, Focuses on Software Offering

By HR Tech Outlook | Monday, April 29, 2019

Rick Bowman, CEORick Bowman, CEO

‘Companies that recruit and retain the best talent win’. The inevitable truth that this adage never goes out of fashion is crystal clear for Shiftgig, which empowers people to find local employment opportunities that fit their lifestyles, schedules, and career objectives. In the recent development, Shiftgig has oriented its business model and the firm will focus on developing and selling software.  Deploy, software-as-a-service serves as a high-tech platform for end-to-end staffing and onboarding workers. Staffing sector is the beneficiary of this solution; the platform plays a significant role in employing and redeploying employees as per the task.

“Deploy embraces this trend at the core, creating a mobile engagement platform powered by our smart match algorithm and advanced analytics,” states Rick Bowman, CEO, Shiftgig. Using intelligent pattern matching algorithms, Deploy automates employee communications, helping the organization to focus on more profitable projects.

Shiftgig empowers workforce by addressing the evolving digital expectations. Offering customized workforce management solutions to client businesses, Shiftgig is vital in employee retention and engagement strategies. 

LGC Hospitality will take over 12 of Shiftgig’s staffing business markets. “Our mission has always been focused on empowering workers and transforming the way people work,” comments Bowman. “With this transition, we’re sharpening our focus on that mission and driving the continued evolution of our software. We are proud of the strong staffing business our team has built, and we are excited to watch them join LGC Hospitality and Headway and continue to grow their business on Deploy."

“Our technology has evolved, but our mission continues to be focused on transforming the way people work.”  Characterized by its sturdy spirit to reinvent the staffing paradigm, Shiftgig releases it the idea of championing a software-centric style to streamline business processes. Shiftgig is a top talent technology company, which optimizes employment opportunities and tailors workforce solutions as per the career objectives. With the all-new powerful software-focused talent recruitment technique, the company emphasizes entirely on developing and deploying innovative staffing software.

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