Setting New Standards in Regenerative Medicine

By HR Tech Outlook | Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Medical technology is a vast area in which innovation plays a vital role in the maintenance of health. Areas such as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, information technology, medical device, and equipment development, have all made enormous contributions to improving people’s health globally. Many organizations provide various technology solutions and medical equipment; however, some of them are leading the market with their cutting-edge technology solutions.

Eclipse MedCorp is a leading provider of high-tech esthetic medical equipment and services. In the national esthetic market scene, Eclipse has established its reputation as a trendsetter. Its recent launch of the Body-Jet liposuction technology assisted by water jet is the most prominent example of how Eclipse has formed itself as an undeniable force in the marketing of innovative products. Eclipse continues to introduce products through its own direct sales force and an independent agent team.

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The company has recently acquired the control assets of Enlyten Medical Technologies, a company based in Amsterdam that produces intense pulsed light and a variety of laser technology. Enlyten Medical Technologies is an innovative, research-driven company with offices in North America and the Netherlands and an R&D center in Israel. The company develops, manufactures, and markets advanced esthetic medical treatment systems.

Owing to the acquisition, Eclipse MedCorp’s CEO Tom O'Brien will be Eclipse Global’s Chief Executive Officer. Both companies are based in Dallas, Texas. Raz Avner, the former CEO of Lumenis from 2003-2007, joins Eclipse Global as Chairman of the Board. Enlyten Medical Technologies founder Ron Zakai joins Eclipse Global as a consultant for the company.

As the healthcare technology organizations move forward with more developments and innovations in different areas of patient care, Eclipse MedCorp has also broadened its portfolio by obtaining global control of a new, autologous regenerative medicine point-of-care technology. “The acquisition will strengthen Eclipse MedCorp's position as a global leader in regenerative medicine for years to come," says Tom O'Brien, CEO, and Founder of Eclipse MedCorp.

Today, Eclipse MedCorp has become one of the largest and most successful private medical device companies in its space with a global presence. The company creates products that exceed patient expectations and bring immediate profit to the practices of their customers. They are able to achieve this by providing their partners around the world with high-efficiency and reasonable technologies.

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