Rybbon collaborates with Medallia to increase survey, research, and insights community response rates using digital incentives

HR Tech Outlook | Friday, October 01, 2021

By automating the administration and distribution of various digital incentives, the partnership reduces human procedures and saves money.

FREMONT, CA: Ribbon, a leading supplier of digital incentives, today announced a collaboration with Medallia, a global leader in customer and employee experience, as well as the release of a new integration module. The partnership lays the groundwork for both companies to collaborate on extending and expanding the Medallia Experience Cloud platform and participating in joint go-to-market operations. The combination of Ribbon and Medallia automates the management and distribution of incentives used in market research, employee experience, and customer experience programs, reducing time-consuming and costly human procedures.

"Our clients are dedicated to driving loyalty and advocacy by improving the customer and employee experience," said Steve Vierra, Executive Vice President at Medallia. "Ribbon's powerful platform delivers rewards automatically and quickly in over 160 countries, giving our clients powerful new tools to increase participation, improve engagement, and drive employee recognition."

"The Ribbon automated digital rewards platform can dramatically reduce administrative time and improve response rates," said Jignesh Shah, Head of Global Integrated Incentives at Ribbon. "It's not unusual for our clients to see a dramatic increase in survey response rates by incentivizing respondents with a diverse selection of digital rewards."

Trusted Reward Delivery: Rewards will be delivered from the authorized email account and company branding, ensuring they are identified and don't get lost in inboxes. Organize, modify, and manage rewards for all company surveys and research.

Curated Selection of Prizes: Provide various rewards and e-donations and allow the recipients to pick their favorite present or give to a charity of their choosing. The Worldwide Choice feature will enable users to set up and administer global programs quickly.

Built-in Controls: The approval queue, reward caps, and test mode are all excellent features.

Refund Policy: Unclaimed prizes get refunded in full.

Recipient Support: Our customer service staff can assist the recipients with any queries regarding the award they received.

The Ribbon for Medallia integration offers a ready-to-use solution that allows Medallia users to add Ribbon incentives to Medallia surveys. 


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