RFC Security Agency Selects EmLogis to Automate Employee Scheduling Process

HR Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

HOUSTON, TX: EmLogis, a provider of online employee scheduling software has announced that it has been selected by the RFC Security Agency to automate and improve their employee scheduling process, reports PRWEB.

 EmLogis’ with its online employee scheduling platform simplifies the process involved in scheduling.  Besides this, the platform fills in open shifts, helps the employers in maintaining contact with the employees and also streamlines scheduling changes if any.

RFC Security Agency with EmLogis’ platform will have an easy-to-use, web-based point of control that will help employers in creating, managing, tracking, and communicating employee schedules.

EmLogis’ will simplify RFC’s employee scheduling process and enable scheduling managers to quickly and easily create, edit, change, track, and communicate employee schedules and schedule changes. Employees will have the convenience of viewing their schedule, requesting changes, and requesting vacation using their mobile phone or the web. EmLogis will also make it easy for managers to find employees to fill open shifts using email or text.

Using EmLogis’ schedule optimization engine, RFC will be able to generate lowest cost schedules every time based on RFC’s rules and preferences. EmLogis will also provide RFC with detailed schedule analytics so that managers will know the labor costs and overtime costs associated with each schedule or any schedule change.

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