Rework Work Launches Efficient D&I solution to Boost Business Processes

By HR Tech Outlook | Tuesday, January 29, 2019

An engaged and diverse workforce is critical to an organization’s success. Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) strategies help a company in driving higher levels of creativity and engagement. These strategies help the employees to feel a stronger sense of belonging, which allows them to stay in the jobs for more extended periods.

“What is Unconscious Bias?”—a 25 minutes videos sequence of Rework Work, a Los Angeles, CA-based human capital services and training consultancy, has reached three significant milestones:

1.  Total views of 250,000 with unique views of over 40,000 on LinkedIn.

2.  An ongoing process of translation into multiple languages.

3.  Virgin America group licenses the video as part of their airline’s in-flight content.

Many businesses believe that disparities remain in how minorities are handled throughout hiring and work processes. Stacy Gordon, CEO of Rework Work says, “Management collects a lot of data, but a lot of it may be inaccurate.” She further states, “Management takes all this data, comes to inaccurate conclusions, and takes inappropriate actions — or no actions at all.

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The Rework Work’s strategy of D&I follows a nine-point system, which breaks D&I into manageable chunks. The company targets areas which include reputation management, interviewing processes, compensation, onboarding methods, and skill building. It also examines all facets of a client’s practices and looks for ways to better integrate inclusion. For example, Rework Work provides a program that teaches workers to respect the differences. The program helps employees to build trust and collaborate more effectively. Talking about their services Stacy says, “We’re not doing the same old D&I training where you trot out a 60-slide deck that rehashes all the definitions and ideas everybody already knows.” “There’s no solution to be found in the old D&I training methods. We complete the loop from data to the outcome. Once people listen to us, they get it,” states Stacy.

Rework Work has impacted companies globally with its workshops in London to corporate training in the U.S. The consultancy is staffed with women and minorities, which allows it to have conversations with employees that might not be comfortable with conventional management. Rework Work collects accurate demographic information through surveys that help the company to reveal disparities in the day-to-day processes of their clients.

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