Relevance of Portable Monitors in the Post-COVID World

HR Tech Outlook | Friday, August 13, 2021

Future workforce study conducted by Dell and Intel shows about 82 percent of future potential talents anticipate a workplace that offers state-of-the-art technology.

FREMONT, CA: After an eventful 2020, the business world is on track to resume its office working environment. For more than a year and a half, remote working has been the new normal, and reports show that employees respond well to this working culture. Flexible hours and a comfortable working environment have resulted in improved efficiency and productivity among employees.

Organizations are thus opting for a hybrid working culture today where employees are given an option to select either one of the working modes or even both. That being said, some of the global companies are uncertain of this fashion of working culture. Lack of motivation and miscommunication being the major reasons, several companies are going to stick with old-fashioned ‘work from office’ manner. But, on the contrary, studies show that there are certain factors that are keeping employees from opting for office environments post-pandemic.

Recent surveys also point to the fact that future talents expect a particular level of flexibility in their workplace atmosphere. Candidates prefer organizations with innovative workplace technology, and it is crucial for employers to offer a flexible atmosphere that resonates with a remote working environment and eliminate the risk of losing talents to competition.

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On that front, the use of portable monitors is recently seen be accepted widely by employees. Leading tech companies like Lenovo are invested in providing ultra-slim and lightweight monitors that offer flexibility to switch locations as well as devices. Portable monitors not only eradicate the lack of physical space for a monitor but also provides dual-screen productivity. These monitors come with two USB-C ports for power pass-through that connect and charge other smart devices.

Portable monitors will be a great addition to workplaces of this age. Employees can enjoy the luxury of hybrid working without hindering their workflow. Meanwhile, features like tilt screen and blue light technology will make future portable monitors stand out from laptops and PCs.

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