Redefining the Employee Experience with AI Chatbots at Workspace

By HR Tech Outlook | Monday, July 01, 2019

Employee experienceAI-driven chatbots can help HR teams enhance employee experience, promising greater efficiency and productivity.

FREMONT, CA: Employee Experience (EX) is set to become the next competitive business frontier. AI chatbots, omnipresent in the room of consumer technology, invade the universe of job. Conversational interfaces such as chatbots can transform the connection between employee and employer by automating previously cumbersome and extremely repetitive duties. Chatbots can streamline HR procedures, enabling leaders to make more efficient use of their time.  How can chatbots assist in rejuvenating HR procedures? Read on! 

The Hiring of New Talent

It can be a very hectic task to screen top talents among the thousands of applications that come in. In addition, the recruiters must have a good knowledge of the organization and the roles needed in that specific domain. HR chatbots can readily pass through apps at a lightning pace as opposed to manual means due to the automation process, thus boosting the hiring process's effectiveness. In addition, HR chatbots allow freshly hired staff to familiarize themselves within a straightforward chat interface with all the data, such as business policies and project objectives.

Training and Development of Employees

All staff needs to be educated, irrespective of their position and knowledge when new software has been introduced in the job plan. Increasing effectiveness and increasing employee productivity are essential to any company's success. Large businesses use artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing to provide staff with an easy conversational interface for learning and developing abilities that match their organizational roles. Bots conduct quizzes and tasks to monitor employee progress and thus leave space for further enhancement and development.

Annual Reviews

Long live tools for self-assessment are in! The concept of waiting 365 days for a worker to have an hour-long discussion with HR is ridiculous. Instead, chatbots can provide employees with personalized real-time feedback. Analytics can be used to monitor performance and time management, providing extensive daily insight into organizational skills for both the employee and the employer.

HR chatbots are vital to the HR sector's advancement. In keeping with AI's contemporary trends and its various apps, HR departments need to welcome open-arm HR chatbots and embrace bots in their operation to remain ahead in the race.

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