Primer on Making Employees Comfortable with AI-Driven Workplace

By HR Tech Outlook | Friday, May 31, 2019

Artificial intelligence driven work placeArtificial intelligence (AI) is at a nascent stage of its development, and there is a lot of potential in it that is yet to be realized. Even then, it has become a significant technology in a diverse range of sectors which companies are utilizing in their workplaces. AI creates a corporate transition, revamping the working methodologies.

Artificial Intelligence is a technology that enables machines to mimic human cognitive abilities like thinking, reasoning, and planning. Under Artificial Intelligence, there are several other branches which include facial recognition, voice commands, machine learning, natural language processing, mining concept, fuzzy logic, and semantic technology. Each of these makes machines into intelligent and thinking entities which can do a lot of jobs and simplify difficult tasks making organizations efficient.

It falls upon the management and the human resources personnel to expel any sort of apprehensions that the workforce has and work to gain their trust. Many studies conducted on employees point to the fact that there is a general sense of fear, but there is also an increasing consideration of these technologies. Training the employees to make them aware of what AI is and how it works can dispel the gloom to a great extent.

The significant steps that management takes to create a better working space and well-coordinated systems between the human resources and the machines are improving leadership to enhance trust among subordinates, ensuring transparency that will enable workers a clear view and eliciting confidence among the employees about their skills.

A functional organizational structure with a combination of best practices can make employees feel secure. Companies can get the best out of both the technology and the human resources with the help of strategies and continuous up skilling of workers.

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