Pipeline Talent Solutions Associates with Shiftgig for Optimized Workforce Management

Rick Bowman, CEO | Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Rick Bowman, CEO

The collaboration between both companies will offer users the technology that is specially developed to optimize their workforce.

FREMONT, CA: Pipeline Talent Solutions has partnered with Shiftgig, a workforce technology company that has created industry-leading software, Deploy and BookedOut for employees’ participation. Shiftgig shifted its focus to Deploy, a platform for employee engagement for businesses to link their employees with the events for which they are available and are eligible. Deploy is a versatile option that can meet the requirements of employees and companies of all sizes. It allows employers to collect and manage their workers' information and function within one system without the usual manual effort.

Pipeline recognizes that collaborating with Shiftgig will bring new possibilities which traditional managing companies often ignore. In healthcare, lighting, and hospitality sectors, the technology is already altering the user experience. The workforce alliance and its customers will be expanded with Shiftgig. Shiftgig's innovation gives employers, employees, and customers access to employment while ensuring that employees are eligible for the shift. This partnership offers Pipeline's clients the access to what they need – workers and work.

Shiftgig's decision to focus on technology was to examine what was not available and how the staffing ecosystem was not working. Manual staffing, unclear labor demands, and numerous no-shows created problems in many industries.

The three-way, automated approach of Deploy offers recruiters with web-based functionality and access to essential data and metrics, clients can easily create jobs and curate waitlists to resolve no-show issues, and it also provides access to employees to the jobs they are already qualified for. Shiftgig is a technology employee company that enables individuals to find local assignments that meet their lifestyles, schedules, and career goals. The flagship platform of the company, Deploy, helps companies to do that. With a flexible service software model, Shiftgig allows the retention, optimization, and redeployment of its employees of leading staff agencies and companies of any size with flexible skill pools. Shiftgig is regarded as one of the "Top 10 Workforce Management Solution Providers" in 2019 by HR Tech Outlook Magazine.

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Pipeline Talent Solutions is a marketplace of advisory talent acquisition, and management made up of veterans from the industry. The service-oriented and performance-led philosophy is the basis of all customer relationships in the company. The team of experts from Pipeline deals with acquisition and management issues that are typically not offered by distinct solutions. 

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