PeopleStrategy Launches an All-New HCM Bundle

HR Tech Outlook | Friday, May 24, 2019

FREMONT, CA – PeopleStrategy, the provider of cloud-based human capital management (HCM) solutions, announced the new HCM bundle. The comprehensive offering is designed to assist professionals in executing effective end-to-end human resource (HR) strategy with its simple and cost-effective solutions.

It offers a one-stop source for employers to build a competitive HCM program through the integration of HR technology, employee benefits, and administrative services. The end-to-end cloud-based eHCM platform enables effective management of talent processes, empowering organizations through its mobile access self-service solutions.

The company reinvests the commissions from its insurance business to develop advanced technology designed to assist HR teams. It aims to equip the midmarket employers with the necessary tools to deal with their HCM system using cost-effective approaches. 

The new HCM bundle offers hire-to-retire human resource technology suite, world-class employee benefits management, and complete administrative services. It eliminates the intervention of disparate vendors and brokers. The offering is devised to streamline HR operations. It includes a comprehensive list of HR tools designed to assist in recruiting, onboarding, payroll, PTO tracking, compensation, compliance, performance management, benefits, consulting, administration, and compliance.

PeopleStrategy HR solutions include benefit offerings, which enable the HR teams to administer benefits support apart from the annual benefits enrollment and to assist them in navigating the convoluted landscape of the evolving benefits.

The current employment scenario requires employers to deliver on employee experience and offer competitive benefits packages to attract new talent while retaining existing employees. The HCM bundle provides every solution needed by the employers, eliminating the need to depend on more than one service provider.

As per Milliman Medical Index, the investment of employees in their healthcare plane increased by 5.9 percent, while the expense of employers for the same increased by 3.5 percent. To this end, the HCM solutions have provided the organizations with an option of redirecting their savings to employees by increasing the employer contribution to the benefits package. The HCM bundle offers a better and integrated experience for HR representatives and employees. Also, the one-provider approach increases efficiency as well as the productivity of the organization. 

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