Paychex Unveils Innovative Solutions to Help Organizations Adapt to Changing Business Environment

HR Tech Outlook | Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Martin Mucci, CEO

The Latest Paychex solutions help businesses maintain compliance, reduce risk, and adapt to the changing business environment.

FREMONT, CA: Paychex, a leading provider of HR, payroll, benefits, and insurance solutions, has introduced several new products as part of the 2020 HR Technology Conference & Exposition. These new solutions, available in Paychex Flex, the company's cloud-based HR technology platform, comprise tools to help employers manage risk, maintain compliance, better assess performance, and adapt to mobile and AI-driven trends.

"Through the COVID-19 pandemic, HR leaders have been juggling more than ever before to maintain compliance and manage productivity," said Martin Mucci, Paychex president and CEO. "With our long history of supporting employers through many different phases of challenge and growth, Paychex is uniquely positioned to help them adapt and thrive not only through the uncertainties of COVID-19 but the transition to the future of work."

As part of Paychex's 2020 Pulse of HR Survey, 79 percent of HR leaders agreed that technology enables their workforce to be more productive and efficient. However, when asked to pick the most significant challenges they face due to COVID-19, 40 percent said providing technology to keep employees productive is becoming difficult in the changing business environment.

"At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses lacked the technology infrastructure needed to adjust to this new environment. Now, more leaders are turning to tech solutions to maintain operations, stay connected with employees, and keep their people productive," said Tom Hammond, Paychex vice president of corporate strategy and product management. "The products and services we're introducing are powerful tools in helping business owners protect what they've worked hard to build – from both a financial and safety standpoint – and provide support to help them continue to achieve their growth goals."

Headlining the Fall Paychex Flex Product Launch are:

Apple Watch/Google Assistant Device Integration: Allows employees to access their HR info easily without logging in from a phone or desktop PC.

PEO Protection Plus Package: Helps business owners to protect their bottom line from unforeseen costs, including cyberattacks and employee lawsuits, as exposure to these risks is rapidly increasing due to COVID-19.

EEO-1 Compliance: Now offered as part of the Compliance dashboard in Paychex Flex, business owners can easily track, capture, and prepare a report to assist with completing the Employment Data section of the EEO-1 Report. Employee self-service features optimize the data collection necessary for reporting.

Tax Lookup: Using employees' work and personal address information, the new Tax Lookup tool in Paychex Flex automatically suggests the applicable state, unemployment, and local taxes so employers can apply employee tax information quickly and accurately.

Flex Time Employee User Experience: With the increasing demand for digital and mobile tools for employees, the redesigned employee experience for Paychex Flex Time can help employees complete key tasks quickly, safely, and accurately.

Peer Reviews: Keeping employees engaged and focused on results is important, especially with distributed teams who can become disconnected from leaders, each other, and the goals of the business. With the introduction of peer reviews, Paychex has updated its 360-degree performance management solution in Paychex Flex to include manager and self-review workflows.

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