Pandexio named 2018 HR Cloud Company of the Year by HR Tech Outlook

By HR Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

HERMOSA BEACH, CA: Pandexio announced today that is has been named as 2018 HR Cloud Company of the Year by HR Tech Outlook, acknowledging Pandexio’s market leadership in empowering the next-gen workforce.

“Pandexio is clearly addressing a huge, unsolved pain-point in a compelling way” said Hanna Wilson, Managing Editor of HR Tech Outlook.  “The industry has been struggling with this for decades and it is clear that companies lack the workforce of critical thinkers and experts they need going forward” said Wilson.

“This recognition underscores the need for corporations to manage critical thinking as a digital process in order to succeed in today’s knowledge-based economy,” said John Burge, CEO of Pandexio.  “Tomorrow’s leading enterprises will be those who excel at supporting, measuring and managing their core business processes, and critical thinking is about as core as it gets” said Burge.

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In its July 2018 edition, HR Tech Outlook highlights some of Pandexio’s capabilities in supporting employee critical thinking, including: empowering them to form insights from information, distributing them across peer networks and critically thinking with them in order to innovate and make business decisions.  HR Tech Outlook further commented on the importance of Pandexio’s analytics in cracking open a major black-box for knowledge enterprise execution. 

“Workforces that remain overwhelmed with information, who fail to share and multiply insights across peers simply won’t keep up, and will be plagued with the same knowledge management and transfer issues that have dogged them for decades,” said Robert Danna, Executive Chairman of Pandexio.  “Everybody recognizes that critical thinking is THE key skill that is necessary to drive business success.  Companies that take it digital and excel at the process stand to gain significant competitive advantage” says Danna.

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