NYNJA Launches its Advanced Platform for Mission Critical Communications

HR Tech Outlook | Thursday, August 06, 2020

NYNJA is an all-in-one communication platform for webinars, live-stream broadcasts, group messaging with automatic translations, and transcription in one safe, secure platform.

FREMONT, CA: NYNJA, the security-first, an all-in-one communications platform for all Mission Critical Communications, announced the launch of its advanced new features to provide businesses, educators, and government communicators with the ability to limit noise on calls, visually capture audio, translate and transcribe across multiple languages, and manage conference calls with one-click access and a clear view into which teams/groups are on calls.

NYNJA adds these new features to an already reliable platform with the world's most advanced security, control, and flexibility for creating, organizing, and managing critical communications. The NYNJA communication platform works anywhere, anytime, and on any connection.

"These updates are just a piece of NYNJA's overall goal to completely reshape and advance what's expected from the functionality and technology that's driving real time, secure communications," said JR Guerrieri, Co-Founder, and CEO, NYNJA Group. "NYNJA's ability to bring a high-level of communications continuity to businesses, educators, and government communicators during a critical time when they're most needed, is the continuation of our team's ongoing focus and vision to centralize the best communication features into a single platform."

The launch of these new features marks the first availability of a communications platform that can leverage world-class security, file sharing, video capabilities, advanced noise cancellation, audiovisual representation of audio, translation, and transcription and superior call management features.

Feature Overview:

• Noise Cancellation: Reduces outside (environmental) sounds from interfering with audio calls and video conferences.
• Audio Visual Representation: Visual representation of the audio that's being spoken/heard
• In-Line Translation and Transcription: Multiple languages can now be understood, transcribed, and shared seamlessly with the users without the need for third-party services.
• Conference Call Management: See which groups are on calls and the ability to join in with one click, and effortlessly move from call-to-call to talk with the team.

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