Nurturing the Next Generation of Leaders within Enterprises

By HR Tech Outlook | Friday, March 01, 2019

Talent is easy to spot. Gifts like ambition, curiosity, and intelligence will always stand out in a crowd of workers. But, harnessing this potential is extremely tough, let alone nurturing these talents. Instead, many of the promising leaders of the future have to muddle their way in, slowing their growth.

There are many ways to empower a leader of a team. They are realizing the truth about not being able to accomplish everything on their own. Sometimes, the leader has to take a step back and relinquish power over certain operations and allot them to the team; this gives them time to figure out how to get the job done. Invite promising young leaders into the decision making processes. Ensure that the employees know that their opinions and ideas are valuable. Inspire the next generation of leaders with a sense of vision. They have to be nurtured with a clear understanding of motivation. They also have to be shown how their contribution to the enterprise is making a change.

Businesses should cultivate a culture for open communication. It is vital that people feel comfortable with talking about their ideas, their opinions, their criticisms, without worrying about retribution. Implementing an open door policy goes a long way and welcomes employees who come up with feedback.

Professional development opportunities have to be presented. Formal training opportunities and practices to hone an individual's leadership skills go a long way, whether it is to send them to a seminar or to bring in a professional coach in the house to work with them. The manager has to gain respect and support of the employees, which is a critical factor. If the employer supports his employees, they might feel empowered. Actions which are rewarded are always repeated. Leaders who showed active appreciation had a better chance at higher empowerment scores although, some companies have been recognition deserts. With a positive work environment, people felt more valued and respected giving rise to higher empowerment. Leaders themselves have to carry a positive attitude to work and a desire to maintain a great working environment. Leaders have to assign the team members authority to clear decisions.

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