Noteworthy Pitfalls HR Department Should Avoid

By HR Tech Outlook | Monday, February 04, 2019

Hiring in HRIn conducting recruitment and selection, orientation, maintaining a good working environment, managing employee relations and so on, the human resource department has a key role to play. The entire Human Resource Department should make sure these decisions are made judiciously when handled incorrectly it can bring long-lasting ill effects on the organization.

The Hiring Process

The hiring process is swarming with many challenges. Finding the best match and hiring the right person for the position is crucial. A couple of common hiring mistakes include

•  Poorly written job descriptions, that will slow down the hiring process and prevent an organization from attracting top candidate applications or even lead to hiring the wrong person.  Detailing job requirements, duties and qualifications for the position including metrics can act as a solution for this challenge.

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•  Poorly prepared interview team is also a mistake. For instance, the hiring manager may be prepared for the face-to-face interview but the rest of the team not. Meeting or communicating the co-interviewer can reduce the risk of this. The goal for the interview process and interview etiquette should be communicated before.

•  Bad behavior during the process of meeting with the candidate seems to be on the increase. They include multi-tasking during the interview, not listening to the candidate, or not allowing time for the candidate to ask questions and many others. This behavior should be avoided.

•    Having no follow up with the candidates who were interviewed can also harm the hiring process. Proper communication to candidates should be made.

Coaching and Disciplinary Action

It is not good to neglect the documentation to the corrective actions an employer takes. The data back up about each employee can help take necessary disciplinary or corrective actions. If otherwise, it can drag the entire organization into potential legal troubles. Being rigorous in documenting employee interactions can help an employer keep away from these risk points.

Policies and Procedures

Not having documented policies and procedures and not walking the employees through them is one of the biggest human resource management flaws. An employer should ensure that all employees sign off on these policies and procedures. To make sure that this process is done an employer should

•  Prepare a thorough employee handbook that clarifies all the company's policies.
•  Reviewing the handbook with the entire team at regular intervals.

Avoiding these HR pitfalls can help run an error-free business.

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