Natural Voice Processing and Its Advantages for an Organization

By HR Tech Outlook | Friday, November 23, 2018

Communication is the major factor for a company as well as a person’s growth. According to a report by LinkedIn, interpersonal skills are the most in-demand skills today. Employees of a company have to communicate with at least ten people every day to get a particular task done.  This makes interpersonal communication skill a vital tool in the growth of a company. Digitalization has helped the management of company to analyse the true potential of an employee. The companies can tap into interaction between employee to identify people with leadership skills, and get to know the sentiments of their employee about any new initiative launched. This process needs to be monitored as private interactions don’t need to be included in this study.

Digital tools can come handy to activate strategies to mine the data produced by natural language processing to understand the leadership dynamics and culture. These tools could learn using the emerged patterns without reading the private conversations. The advantages of natural language processing are as follows:

Enhanced Transparency: Artificial intelligence and digital technologies provide a better transparent system. Transparency provides more accountability which in turn helps in employee productivity. Leaders and managers can establish a transparent system to access employee performance using the natural language processing.

Non-Intrusive and Effortless deployment: natural language processing runs in the background while the employees go about their daily business. This makes their algorithm very difficult to manipulate. It also observes the behavioural patterns using the analytical platforms.

Removes Biases: communication within an organization can be driven by biases that can give rise to processes that are subjective than meritocratic. Natural voice processing could provide insights into an employee’s contribution towards the organization.

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