Namely Offers a Comprehensive HR Solution Across 50 U.S. States and 134 Countries

HR Tech Outlook | Tuesday, January 07, 2020

In combination with the best account guidance, every Namely customer receives the technology and service they need for excellent corporate culture.

FREMONT, CA: HR administration is a contemporary term used to describe employee management and development in an organization. The job is strategic and complicated, from the setting of paid leave strategies to the management of salary equity. Any organization needs existing HRIS technology such as Namely to get it right.

All-in-one HR Solution for mid-sized companies, Namely, is designed to be used by everyone, every day.  It serves the community of forward-thinking professionals who understand the critical link between talent dynamics and business success. The growing rate in the customer base of the company is a testament to the fact that these businesses connect to empowerment and society. The customer base of Namely now comprises a wide variety of fast-growing businesses in nearly all industries, including companies such as ActiveCampaign, Acorns, Drift, EatStreet and the Motley Fool, and Namely associates, such as Jobvite, Jazz HR and Greenhouse, Life is Good, Mizzen + Main and OneLogin, Peerfit, Sirius Decisions.

At the core of employee experience, Namely simplifies programs for individuals such as pay, benefits and time leadership and offers unparalleled visibility to drive people’s strategy and ultimately business success.

In 2012, Namely developed an HR platform as intuitive as social media, but strong enough to help the diversity of employees today. The award-winning, robust, user-friendly technology enables businesses to manage all of their HR processes on one platform. The objective is to empower everyone to decide on the basis of information. The company believes the available information can range from HR to other employees, making them more strategic and robust.

In combination with the best account guidance, each Namely customer receives the technology and service they need for excellent corporate culture. Currently, the Namely platform is used by more than 1,300 companies.  With around 250,000 employees in 134 countries and all 50 US states and seven territories, the organization has offices in New York and is supported by investment companies such as Altimeter Capital, GGV Capital, Scale Venture Partners, Sequoia Capital, 10aya Capital, and True Ventures. 

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