Mobile HR: Driving Employee Engagement and Productivity

HR Tech Outlook | Friday, August 02, 2019

The advancing technology offers new practices of engagement to magnify the productivity aptitude of employees.

FREMONT, CA: The vibrant job market and external forces continue to rewrite the rules that govern businesses and interpersonal interactions that are ever-evolving. This requires industry leaders to rethink the way companies understand, address and control talent. To heighten employee commitment and productivity, successful businesses are building workforce approaches aligned with their business tactics. There are a few ways companies are leveraging mobile technology to enhance employee engagement.


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• Recruiting

According to a survey, 78 percent of the respondents expressed their preference to apply for new jobs via mobile devices. Candidates are likely to drop out of the recruiting pipe if businesses do not have a mobile infrastructure for recruiting at the point. This means that businesses will require a mobile-optimized career site, which is simple to navigate and has a social module. This helps the aspirants to discover open positions of a company through its social feeds.

• HR Service Delivery

Payroll information, attendance, time, expense, and leave management are a few of the most basic applications that employees acknowledge on their smartphones. This becomes essential if companies plan on developing a blended workforce, which comprises both full-time onsite employees as well as remote employees. Based on the communication with HR service delivery, businesses can obtain valuable insights into usage models. They can classify areas for further optimization to enhance the employee experience.

• Employee Benefits

Employee's profits play a pivotal role in an organization driving bottom-line maturity and competitiveness. A mobile employee-benefits app supports businesses to enhance ROI for benefits while having the employees informed and engaged. A mobile app makes profits information more convenient for employees.

• HR Analytics

The most critical application of mobile HR is its experience to provide HR teams with a wealth of behavioral data. It can be outlined to critical metrics informing employee performance and experience. Text analytics, performance management data, email analytics, and leave management data can give companies actionable insights on employee turnover, retention, and performance in real-time.

As the workforce grows increasingly mobile, a mobile-first HR strategy has the potential to enhance engagement. It will establish the company's employer brand. Employees should be rewarded, motivated, invested in and aligned with the firm culture and manoeuvring. Technology can support businesses to create and sustain an engaging workplace, driving with ease and efficiency.

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