Measuring and Maintaining Employee Engagement

By HR Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

Most enterprises are focused on providing employee satisfaction to improve the performance of the employees. But with recent changes, the companies should shift their focus from promoting employee satisfaction to ensuring employee engagement. Employee engagement signifies a significant commitment of the employees towards their work and helps the company to achieve its goals.

Organizations that have an engaged workforce have an advantage of providing better customer service, higher sales, better quality of products, and a higher level of employee retention, higher profits, and satisfied shareholders. Measuring employee engagement is crucial to identify employee profiles and to find ways of improving employee engagement in entirety. Employee engagement can be adequately measured by engagement surveyor providers like Gallup and Mercer, by conducting surveys through a hybrid approach of annual reviews and pulse surveys.

The proper measurement of employee engagement helps in solving problems more proactively before the issues escalate. Both the employers and the employees can engage in two-way communication that helps to redress issues, build an active trust, and improve the workflow of the company. Useful data collection can improve the work culture of the company and enhance the employees’ participation in fulfilling a company’s goals.

The measuring of employee engagement helps to analyze the problems and asses the targets of improving employee engagement. This builds a positive momentum and allows organization heads to identify the less engaged employees and work towards boosting their morale and making them more committed towards their work. Several surveys can also be conducted to help formulate an active agenda towards business development and promote interconnectivity and social activity at the workplace. The employers can also make the analytics reports and data more transparent for the workforce to help identify the targets and the ways to achieve them.

Employee engagement is vital towards the productivity of organizations, and the companies are entitled to make the employees actively involved in completing the work targets set by the company to keep the employees engaged and committed. A continuous and consistent promotion and maintenance of measuring the employee engagement can also help in ensuring a reliable, dedicated, and committed workforce.

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