Measuring and Improving Employee Engagement

By HR Tech Outlook | Monday, January 07, 2019

Employee engagement matters to achieving company success and developing employee skills and talents toward future goals. The outdated traditional surveys used to measure employee engagement fail to reflect how modern employees operate and what they desire to succeed.

Measuring employee engagement helps in achieving real time results. The benefits of measuring employee engagement are as follows.

1. Solving problems before they worsen.

2. Both employees and leaders need ongoing feedback to keep improving. Making feedback a two-way process can benefit really help. Open feedback allows leaders to raise better questions related to the company mission and vision. Then, as a result, the workflow improves and hence the trust among employees.

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3. Sharing insights transparently can also help improving employee engagement. The analytics reports regarding workforce trends and finances can motivate the mission.  The organization should make sure that employees have active participation in bringing a positive change. This makes employees feel more involved and valued to the organization.

4. Snapshot surveys can be conducted to provide results that develop plans. The social activities and interconnectivity at work can also be measured increase proactive working.

5. The organization should act in cost-effective ways to engage their employees and improve confidence, for example through opportunities to balance work and life. Strong work culture can harness real-time, meaningful results.

6. Having an eye on trends also is primary. Identifying trends can impact engagement.

The technology assisted employee engagement fall into

1. Recognition(making employees feel good about their job.)

2. HR Service (technology like HR chatbots can help employees get back to work sooner when they can easily find the required information.)

3. Data gathering

 Digital transformation improves employee engagement and satisfied employees always help the company meet milestones.

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