Maximize your Recruitment ROI with Automation

By HR Tech Outlook | Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Recruitment ROI with AutomationAutomation streamlines the recruitment process and delivers results in a short span of time, effectively impacting the cost-per-hire.

FREMONT, CA: Global talent shortage and the demand for faster hiring processes are two of the many challenges recruiters are facing all over the world in addition to maximizing the Return on Investment (ROI). ROI in recruitment isn't limited to financial returns. ROI comprises of efforts, time and labor along with the financial expenses which are utilized in searching, screening, hiring and retaining top talent. The hiring executives believe that automation may help in making the recruitment process easier and efficient.

Recruiting software automates the manual processes of sourcing, shortlisting, pipelining and selecting qualified candidates for a role. The automation software used today are capable of analyzing a large amount of data in short time and providing feedback that makes us smarter, more effective and better at every task that we perform daily. The recruitment tools such as applicant tracking systems (ATS) automate the recruitment processes as well as save time.

How does Automation Impact Hiring?

Cost per Hire:  The data-driven automated solutions are designed in such a way that they are competent enough of targeting the correct candidate for a job and delivering the data with better quality and at reduced expenses. Without human interference, these automation tools can carry recruitment more efficiently. The streamlined process and the results that these tools deliver in a short span of time will definitely effectively impact the cost-per-hire.

Time to Hire: By automating the hiring process, it is easier to fill job openings quicker, reducing hiring time. Whereas, automation alone based on pre-set laws by a human, has no authority to enhance results. It merely speeds up the recruitment process but replacing the traditional HR processes with automation tools can result in efficient outcome within less time but it cannot be better to some extent.

While these automation tools/software cannot provide the candidates with the required skills for a job but it can help in identifying the closest fit for the vacancy. With increasing optimism, it is believed that automation can help to make the recruitment process more efficient and less time-consuming by 80 percent for HR executives. 

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