Major Employer Branding Obstacles Organizations Struggle with

HR Tech Outlook | Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Improving employer branding strategy to the next level can help recruit and retain talents by including employees in the process and creating an enhanced workplace.

Fremont, CA: The brand image of an organization that portrays the culture, values, and goals as an organization. A solid organization brand can entice customers, top talents, and retain employees. It cuts costs for recruitment, increases applicant size, reduces time to fill vacancies, and increases employee retention by simplifying talent acquisition efforts. Top 10 Occupational Health Consulting/Services Companies - 2020

However, there are certain issues when it comes to creating the brand. Here are five issues faced by companies:

Team Collaboration

Team collaboration and communication is crucial in an organization. In big firms with various departments and people, teams often do not communicate, resulting in replicated efforts and inconsistent brand imaging.

Addressing this issue can push for a positive brand image and help find similarities and information in the message a company wants to share.

Sending the Right Message

An inconsistent message can be a problem when it comes to building employer branding. It is important to know what the company wants and be consistent while following through with that mission. Ensure that employees are also on the same page as the team.

Inconsistency will lessen a candidate’s expectation, hamper the hiring process and employer brand, allowing the other applicants to withdraw their application.

Finding the Right Starting Point

One employer branding challenge for an organization is not knowing where to start. Employers should take employee feedback and problems into account to understand the company culture and the message they want to send.

By looking from an applicant or an outsider’s point of view, employers can find out the company's pros and cons, resolve issues, and enhance the interview process and communication strategies with potential hires.

Current employees also play a vital role in building a strong talent brand. Understanding how the employees explain their experience with friends and people can help build their brand image and mission.

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