LMS for Corporate Training: Top Features and Applications

HR Tech Outlook | Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Below are five of the top requirements to look for in a corporate training program.

Fremont, CA: Learning management systems (LMSs) deliver training content in a variety of formats, timeframes, and sequences to employees. E-learning is becoming an increasingly important part of corporate training programs - allowing employees to learn at their own pace, reducing the costs of training, and enabling companies to create custom training content.

Below are five of the top requirements to look for in a corporate training program.

Online Progress Assessments

When employees complete tasks, your LMS training program must provide tools that measure progress and comprehension. Your corporate training will be more effective when the results can be analyzed and monitored, whether it is through check-in quizzes, formal tests, or group assessments.

Compliance Management

Corporate training and development are more than just employee training for many industries. Your company may need them to comply with federal, state, or local guidelines or certification requirements. In order to meet compliance mandates, a corporate training platform must track and measure participation and comprehension.

Single Sign-on

In your LMS training program, employees should be able to use the same authentication and password functionality as other corporate systems. These features eliminate the need for IT support and password reauthorization.


Your e-learning system says a lot about your corporate culture and can boost employee loyalty. Training and development programs can be a significant selling point for job candidates, as well. It is important that your system has the same look and feel as other internal corporate systems.

User Feedback

Training program users should be heard. Feedback from users is a powerful tool for assessing training programs' efficacy and impact, providing insight into improving content and delivery, and identifying strengths. You can also demonstrate that employee feedback is valued and heeded by asking employees for feedback on corporate training programs.

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