Lightstone Solutions Expands Employment Background Check Capability

HR Tech Outlook | Friday, March 20, 2020

Lightstone Solutions, LLC specializes in domestic and international employment background checks. The firm serves public companies, middle-market, and small businesses

FREMONT, CA: Lightstone Solutions, LLC, announced that it had increased its volume capacity for employment background checks in response to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic as new hires spike in certain sectors. The announcement comes as demand for warehouse and delivery employees, supply chain employees, online customer support, and supermarket employees has peaked to meet consumer demand resulting from the crisis.

"We see reports that companies like Amazon may be hiring up to 100,000 employees to handle the increase in online shopping, and certain other sectors hiring to meet consumer demand," said Bill Papazian, CEO of Lightstone Solutions. "We have expanded capabilities to keep pace with the situation in a manner that keeps our people safe, productive, and working. Adaptation and embracing change are essential for small businesses right now," added Mr. Papazian.

Top 10 Employee Engagement Solution Companies - 2020Lightstone Solutions is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm that provides computer forensics and electronic discovery, private investigations and research, forensic accounting, financial investigations, environmental investigations, specialized litigation support services, and gaming regulatory consulting.

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