Leveraging Behavioural Insights to Improve Employee Wellbeing

By HR Tech Outlook | Thursday, January 24, 2019

ai in employee wellnessWhen employees enjoy a happy and healthy working environment, companies begin to see excellent business productivity. It can be a little daunting to consider that up to 80,000 hours will be spent at work over a lifetime for the workers. Since work acts as an important role in people’s lives, its effects the mental health, and their wellbeing must be given importance. Industry experts track year after year changes and progress so that they can predict trends that will emerge at work.

The broader trend toward reduced working hours suggests that the introduction of the Working Time Regulation has a further positive effect on the reduction of long working hours in the workplace. In the UK and other developed countries, there has been a long term downward trend in working hours, with reductions in the working week associated with increases in productivity.

A healthy psychological workplace promotes the health and wellbeing of employees while improving organizational performance and productivity. The benefits of focusing on mentally healthy places of work include increased retention of employees and increased productivity. Studies show that happy staff is less likely to leave the organization and is more likely to be productive. Employees in psychologically healthy places of work tend to experience greater job satisfaction and morality, better physical and mental health, greater motivation, and more effective management of stress.

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AI is a boon to modern workforces. AI can handle repetitive tasks throughout the organization, release people in Human Resource Management, IT, marketing and more to exercise creativity, solve complex problems, and concentrate on achieving effective work.

Safety is a crucial problem for all businesses, and in 2019, employees with microchips could be introduced into their skin to help. The microchips, which also allow employees to pay for lunch, access certain office rooms and connect to computers, are implanted under the skin between their thumb and forefinger, and the same technology can be used as contactless pay.

The digital wellness platform already supports employers in their efforts to address these aspects, as it includes several resources on topics such as physical and mental health, financial resources, parenting and relationships, and even professional development.

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