Korbyt Releases Space Management for Hybrid Workplace

HR Tech Outlook | Friday, March 19, 2021

Korbyt Anywhere is a workplace experience platform that enables companies to reach targeted audiences and deliver relevant content, data, and information, or allows easy access to the systems and resources on any screen, anywhere.

Fremont, CA: Korbyt, the leading workplace experience platform, announced the latest release of an enhanced feature called Space Management, enabling companies to import maps of office layouts, manufacturing areas, and common spaces so employees or visitors can easily find and reserve safe meeting space in any physical workplace location. Admin users can create regions on their maps that comply with social distancing safety guidelines, inform users if available spaces are at capacity, and once reserved, connect to the company's existing calendar system so users can easily check-in.

As vaccines begin distribution globally, many companies have started to imagine or execute a safe return to the physical workplace for some or all of their workforce and customers. Korbyt Anywhere's Space Management provides a robust feature set for both businesses, employees, and visitors, including:

• Dynamic Maps Creation: Import maps of buildings, floors, campuses, and any physical location.

• Smart Reservations System: Locate safe spaces for individuals or teams to reserve rooms, workspaces, or use hot desking.

• Capacity Management and Notifications: Set regions and capacity so users can reserve safe space and receive check-in and "at capacity" notifications.

• Integration with Enterprise Systems: Check-in, change or extend reservations easily and connect to existing enterprise calendar systems.

Visitor Management: Create a secure and welcoming experience for employees and visitors by allowing them to locate, reserve, and check-in through multiple devices like digital signage, kiosk, and desktop screens or go touchless through mobile devices.

"Over the past year, we saw an increased demand in platform features to support companies transitioning to the hybrid workplace. Korbyt Anywhere has become an essential technology to deliver personalized critical communications, reduce risk, and increase employee confidence in returning to the workplace," said Ankur Ahlowalia, Chief Executive Officer, Korbyt. "Our Space Management features were available prior to the pandemic, however, the last 12 months presented an opportunity to evolve Korbyt Anywhere's capabilities to not just meet employees where they are, but also integrate with existing technologies in the employee experience."

Korbyt has a proven track record of improving the workplace experience through digital signage screens. Korbyt Anywhere's Space Management features are a natural extension of the platform feature set, including targeted content creation and publishing, data visualization, media management, wayfinding, and more.

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