Kindhealth, a Health Insurance Platform, Has Released a Beta Version of Marketplace Builder and Smartcensus

HR Tech Outlook | Thursday, July 01, 2021

Albert Pomales, CEO and Co-Founder, KindHealth

On KindHealth's revolutionary health insurance marketplace, users may use smart technology and artificial intelligence to find the most acceptable treatment.

FREMONT, CA: Through the KindHealth digital Insurance-as-a-Service (IaaS) marketplace, businesses will soon offer white-labeled insurance solutions to consumers, giving employers a more precise way to provide the most acceptable healthcare options. This new Direct-to-Employee service enables enterprises to supplement their existing benefits administration efforts by providing a comprehensive coverage option for their employees.

Consumers can easily monitor their healthcare expenses and understand their coverage with KindHealth, an all-in-one digital health insurance platform.

Employees will be capable of shopping around for the plan that best meets their needs thanks to the new KindHealth Marketplace, which will provide tailored suggestions and a wide selection of plan options. TPAs and employers will offer customized healthcare choices through the marketplace if they work with the market.

"KindHealth is now making it easy for employees to get access to quality healthcare and shop for the insurance plans that work best for them," said Albert Pomales, co-founder of KindHealth. "By using AI, we are able to create an intuitive healthcare marketplace that makes shopping and enrolling in healthcare fast and easy."

The latest version of KindHealth's marketplace allows companies to create a customized market that will easily regulate which items, given to their employees. Each employee will get a unique URL that will provide them immediate access to their company's personalized marketplace. Users may then compare plans and enroll in health insurance all in one place.

The SmartCensus function will also allow businesses to upload census files, track employee enrollment, and track payments.

"Our new Marketplace Builder and SmartCensus feature will give companies a greater opportunity to offer customized healthcare options and track employee enrollment," said Andrew Tomasik, co-founder of KindHealth. "By empowering companies to utilize KindHealth's innovative marketplace, we can help more Americans find the best healthcare plans that meet their needs. Companies will also have an easier time tracking and managing their employee healthcare programs."

KindHealth employs artificial intelligence to match employees and customers with the most appropriate health insurance, dental insurance, prescription medication coverage, and Medicare gap insurance. More than 250 insurance carriers and products are available in KindHealth's extensive marketplace.

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