Jobsoid Simplifies the Recruitment Process with its Free Job Description Builder

HR Tech Outlook | Monday, August 12, 2019

Robust HR solutions have introduced efficiency, productivity, and cost-effectiveness in the HR operations of organizations.

FREMONT, CA: The inception of robust HR solutions has empowered HR personnel to streamline operations and augment their talent management process. Many solution providers have contributed to the HR sector, and Jobsoid is one of the foremost. The award-winning applicant tracking software developer recently launched a Job Description Builder  with an online library of customizable job description templates, available for free on the Jobsoid website.

The global software as a solution (SaaS) company has offices across the U.S. and India. Its online recruitment system integrates a suite of cloud-based products, enabling organizations to simplify and streamline their recruitment process. The Jobsoid platform includes Jobsoid Recruit for prompt hiring, Jobsoid CRM for efficient client management, Jobsoid Video Interviewing for seamless candidate screening, and Jobsoid Engage for effective recruitment marketing. Over 4000 recruiters and hiring managers across more than 100 countries leverage Jobsoid's advanced recruitment solutions for a quick and seamless recruitment process.

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The new Free Job Description Builder will enable hiring managers to draft the perfect job description with minimal effort. They will be able to choose a template from an online library comprising more than 500 ready to use job descriptions and customize it according to their requirements, thus streamlining their recruitment process. Developed by industry experts, the platform comprises clear and concise templates covering the relevant points essential for attracting the right talent.

The Jobsoid platform has equipped over 2000 companies across the world with robust tools to optimize their recruitment process and hire better talent in a shorter period. The hiring managers can now focus their time and energy on essential tasks such as onboarding the best talent and letting Jobsoid handle mundane tasks.

The Job Description Builder will empower the hiring teams to choose their preferred job description template. They will also be able to select points from a broad range of templates to optimize their description and post it on multiple channels with just a few clicks. The hiring teams can post job descriptions for various industries on their job boards, and also download the customized job descriptions in their desired format for recruitment records.

Jobsoid has dramatically simplified the recruitment process for hiring teams globally through innovation and development. Its platform with its online library has enabled them to streamline the process of writing articulate job descriptions. Jobsoid has made the solution freely available for hiring teams struggling to write the perfect job descriptions. 

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