Is AI Enabling a Modernized Approach to CPM?

HR Tech Outlook | Thursday, January 23, 2020

For organizations looking to achieve improved business outcomes, AI-based corporate performance management would be integral.

FREMONT, CA: The face of corporate performance management is changing with the wave of technological innovations. Artificial intelligence (AI) stands vital for this transformation. AI can analyze the infinite permutations of interdependencies that exist in physical and virtual organizational infrastructure. This allows AI to instantly trace the cause of any performance degradation, giving leaders a solution to resolve the issue quickly before it influences the entire business.

Modern CPM practice encourages conducting performance reviews at frequent intervals, unlike conventional performance management conducting reviews annually. AI can take it a step further, thereby avoiding the need for fixed interval reviews; AI allows corporate performance assessments to take place in real-time. Apart from monitoring the progress of the employee performance instantaneously, AI-driven CPM solutions and gives feedback forthwith. If the performance is on track, the intelligent system can suggest employers to reward employees with recognition and incentives. 

Performance reviews provide a chance to employees to determine the skills need to be brushed up or learned to get better at their job. With the help of AI-based analytics, it is possible for employers to personalize the employees’ learning or training experience. In a world where skills have a shorter shelf life, needing constant up-gradation, AI can help the performance management system to identify the employees to be upskilled before it's too late. AI-driven tools can also offer an unbiased approach to corporate performance evaluation, talent management, and employee recognition.     

One of the reasons most enterprises struggle with CPM is because the process is time-consuming. The entry of AI in the realm of CPM will enable business managers to make better decisions by streamlining many of the functions. 

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