IoT for Smart Office Applications

HR Tech Outlook | Friday, August 09, 2019

Smart office applications are shaping the modern work culture with the advancements in IoT technology.

FREMONT, CA: The internet of things (IoT) technology is penetrating everyday life and offices alike. As most people are spending 8-10 hours a day at work, it is natural to expect IoT-driven office automation to gain momentum. According to a report, the size of the smart office market is growing too. It was $22.21 billion in 2017 and is expected to double by 2023, touching nearly $46.11 billion. IoT has immense potential to offer to the offices. Successful IoT installations can increase workplace productivity, streamline routine tasks, and create more comfortable working environments for the employees. Here are some of the IoT based contributions into the office environment:

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Saves Energy: Automatic adjustments of heating and lighting in the office enables to utilize power resources more efficiently while cutting down on wastes.

Streamlines Business Operations: IoT devices automates and streamlines various tasks, which allows the employees to focus more on the challenging tasks at hand.

Comfortable Working Environment: Equipping the employees to control temperature or humidity in the workplace directly from a smartphone helps them to tailor the office environment as per their preferences.

IoT for a Smart Office

Despite its vast potential and steady growth rate, smart offices are still in their early stages of development. However, there are several IoT office ideas that can be implemented for smart workplaces:

Security Solutions

Smart locks, security cameras, and various sensors are the most common use cases for IoT in the workplaces. Moreover, outdated systems can be replaced with digital ones. For instance, smartphones installed with an app to clock in or clock out is an easy transformation in this direction.

Communication and Collaboration

Conference rooms that are IoT equipped present a wide range of opportunities to simplify several tasks, such as room occupancy management. Meeting rooms can also be laced with smart scheduling systems to solve the problem of space management and coordination, thereby making the office life a lot easier.

Smart Furniture

Standing desks are a common thing in the office. IoT equipped desks will learn to understand people's preferences and provide customized setups according to their needs, thereby contributing to employees comfort and productivity.

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