Integration of Microsoft Teams with Betterworks to Keep Remote Workforces Aligned

HR Tech Outlook | Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Betterworks Integrates MS Teams with OKR solutions and conversations, feedback, and recognition and engagement

FREMONT, CA: The renowned enterprise software, Betterworks, which deals with OKRs, conversations, feedback, and recognition and engagement, announces integration with Microsoft Teams.

“Rapid change demands resilience and agility in the face of changing market conditions,” noted Doug Dennerline, CEO of Betterworks. “To achieve this agility, businesses are increasingly adopting a continuous approach to managing employee performance through OKRs and CFRs. Objectives and Key Results and Conversations, Feedback, and Recognition give business leaders the ability to keep the entire workforce aligned amidst changing priorities while ensuring that every employee is continuously engaged to support the company. Communication is key to achieving team alignment and enterprise success, which makes a Betterworks/Microsoft Teams integration the perfect toolkit for these times and beyond.”

Microsoft Teams allow employees to chat, socialize, call, and collaborate securely in one place, from anywhere, anytime. The leading collaboration software, Teams, now has 75 million daily active users, as said by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. Most of these new users have only recently begun to understand Teams’ benefits; now, one of the benefits is OKR notifications via Betterworks.

Teams allow companies to use a hybrid on-premises/remote work model during a time when staying focused is both business-critical and challenging. Companies also need visibility into employee progress towards objectives, and the ability to remain aligned to a workforce in the right direction. Betterworks’ integration, along with Microsoft Teams, will assist in ensuring the entire organizations to stay focused on work that matters most.

“The Betterworks/Microsoft Teams integration helps our organization maintain communication and ultimately motivates people to achieve their goals,” said Raymond August, president, and CEO of Benefitfocus®, which uses both solutions. “This powerful integration provides a seamless way for everyone to keep goals top of mind and in the flow of work while receiving OKR notifications from Betterworks without ever having to leave Microsoft Teams.”

As companies make way for better functioning of the new work dynamic, it is crucial for business leaders to support their teams with several easy-to-use technologies that promote alignment, communication, and connection—among both personally and professionally. By functioning as one

Working together, Microsoft Betterworks can empower organizations to move forward with confidence.

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