Integration of HR and Learning Management System

Hanna Wilson, HR tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

Learning management system (LMS) provides learning through collaboration, observation, and interactions. LMS improves employee engagement and outcomes of the organizations. LMS also caters a platform to share knowledge and ideas among learners.

The advent of technology, the importance of database in decision making and hard competition has converted the strategies of hiring employees for an organization. The hardship leads to be more strategic for the HR team of an organization because HR’s role is to recruit not only an employee but also understand if the employee will become an asset for the very organization and recruit accordingly.

HR systems are filled with employee data and paper-heavy processes which make the systems complicated to remove once installed. The suits require a long implementation time and organizations have to use the system regardless of whether every component works well or not. LMS’s features have made it popular among the organizations. Integrating HR with LMS offers organizations more flexibility and same all-in-one platform. 

Following are some of the advantages an organization gets from LMS and HR integration:

Easier and accurate data entry: LMS and HR both need entry of data of employees. Dual information entry leads to records-errors. Integrating those means saving time by only one-time entry.

Identify talent: LMS tracks the progress, update reports of the employees and send them to upper levels of the organizations. This process helps HRs to identify top talent in the organization and also the employee who needs training.

Reduced redundant data: Data redundancies leads to wasting valuable times and inaccurate information. LMS integration with HR systems helps to input accurate data which helps to save time and maintenance.

Effective online training: LMS make it easier to train employees. LMS provides more personalized results by providing analytics of data, which help the organization to overview the complete record of any employee. LMS automatically analyze and compile information about an employee which manually needs a long time.

Organizations should train their employees in order to make them learn to manage their responsibilities. Tracking employees’ progress and performance is important for the organizations’ improvement. Integration of LMS and HR saves time and cost by producing higher productivity of work in an organization.

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