Infor and Bails & Associates Ally over Human Capital Management

HR Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

NEW YORK, NY: Cloud company Infor officially declares forging of new partnership with Bails and Associates that enable Infor expand across North America with the implementation and support resources for the customers using Infor Human Capital Management (HCM).

Bails and Associates will be leveraging applications like Infor Talent Science(cloud-based Predictive Talent Analytics), Infor HR Service Delivery(an advanced, multi-tier service platform that enables organization use resources sustainably), Infor Talent Management( arms recruiters and hiring managers with the tools they need to support the organization’s hiring strategy) and other Infor Lawson applications, owing to its specialization in consulting services along with software support, training, project management, upgrades and technology. With the implementation of these technologies, Bails customers can increase their efficiency across businesses like human resources, supply chain and finance.

" The expansion of our collaboration to become an Infor Alliance partner was a natural progression, given the success we have experienced over the past many years," in the words of Jamie Bails, CEO, Bails & Associates. "Like Infor, we recognize each customer organization has a unique set of business technology needs, and we are committed to helping them improve their, Human Resource, Supply Chain and Finance operations utilizing Infor applications. "

Industrial Decision makers can develop a more productive workforce to promote strategic business objectives with the aid of Infor HCM applications. On integration of critical HR information and process, Infor HCM can help in increasing the efficiency and productivity thereby enabling HR employees to attain more with considerably fewer man hours. 

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