Inbound Recruiting: Paving the Path, Connecting Talent to the Employer

By HR Tech Outlook | Wednesday, June 05, 2019

INbound recruitmentFREMONT, CA: Inbound hiring is a concept inspired by the inbound marketing philosophy. HR tries to create an environment through inbound hiring, where candidates are continually engaged with a company to seek a future employer. There are also many companies which are extremely active in the inbound recruitment sphere, representing its intersection with ideas such as employer branding, recruitment marketing, and employee advocacy. Low employment rates and high volumes of passive candidates are now pushing HR towards result-driven recruitment processes.

In inbound recruiting, constant efforts are made to attract candidates through various channels, and hiring a reliable employer brand is built using content and advertising, enhancing the candidate experience. Inbound recruiting operations are long-term investments, taking time for Return on Investment (ROI) to show.  

Inbound recruitment is a highly effective model to recruit top talents. The first step relies on the content; suggested strategies are SEO optimization of career pages and web pages that speak about the work culture at the firm. After the mid-funnel audience base is ready, apply conversion analytics. With this, it is possible to mark the interested candidates who might also be a good fit in the future. After the viable candidates have been led, to a particular job post, it is time to initiate a candidate relationship management process. 

Inbound Recruiting is not a replacement for outbound recruitment activities. It ensures that the talent a company is looking for is precisely hired. Many leading companies in the corporate world have a well-practiced inbound recruiting engine. Detailed blogs and active social media accounts showcase positive experiences of employees at work. Leveraging a full-fledged inbound recruitment strategy with compelling content, insightful analytics, and a natural candidate relationship management game plan shall ensure a small-scale employer to stand out in the local hiring marketplace.

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