Improving Payroll Management with Big Data

Hanna Wilson, HR tech Outlook | Monday, May 20, 2019

Big data isn’t a new concept to businesses today; yet, the means of analyzing big data in payroll have recently emerged. Payroll should be seen as a key source of crucial data and strategic intuition. This includes a lot of precise, varied data about every person in the organization that could be leveraged smartly to improve business operations. Today’s leading global payroll solutions include automated tools that have a deeper view into payroll data, providing detailed reports on the payroll. Even though these reports are important, these are not the same as analytics. This is the key to positioning and leveraging payroll as a critical strategic resource.

Interestingly, the applications of big data help employers to build a multi-skilled payroll workforce by examining factors like customer survey, employee feedback, and industry trends. In turn, using this information, hiring strategies can also be made. Payroll management includes a large amount of data every day. This data is stored in one of the applications of big data tools that include cloud computing platforms. This platform provides storage space and access to data like working hours, sickness sessions, pension plans, and leave details.

Employers can give career development options to their employees. Big data analytics help the employer in examining the employee's experiences. Big data analytics also enables the employer to understand what kind of training needs to be provided to the employees for better career development.

Big data as a payroll application has emerged internationally in managing and harmonizing the data that are generated across international territories, and this is used to develop and implement global payroll solutions.

Applications of big data in payroll help generate detailed reports of all the staff and organizational operations at the click of a button. HR management software CakeHR assists in understanding habits and cultural traits of the employees. Big data analytics has become the new force in contemporary HR management with its deep insights and accurate predictions. Big data analytics predicts the forthcoming trends and enables an organization to upgrade its human capital and prepare much at the earliest.

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