Improving Candidate Engagement with AI

HR Tech Outlook | Monday, July 22, 2019

Artificial Intelligence With the emergence of artificial intelligence, applications are becoming more intelligent and quicker in providing data.

FREMONT, CA: Time to hire and cost per hire are the two most important factors to be taken care of while recruiting a new candidate. Recruiters, however, end up wasting time, money, and energy using inappropriate tools to manage applicants, which proves inefficient. One area to improve is how recruiters communicate with applicants on an ongoing basis.

Of course, getting the traditional data back and front via email needs time. The conventional way of recruitment via phone calls engaged job applicants more quickly but had a possibility of miscommunicating information when compared to text messaging.

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There are many technologies which are capable of boosting candidate engagement in the recruitment process. Such technologies rely on an approach to communicate via text or chat. The service on the back end is powered by a hybrid of artificial and human intelligence.

Hiring experts can standardize bulk text messages or even customize individual messages to create relationships with applicants by using such platforms. Applications can also be received by SMS from organizations opting from service by applying online.  To kick off the process, candidates only need to write a short code to a specified amount.

The AI solution can readily accommodate applicants’ queries as well as automate the screening, scheduling, and aid of candidates (sending out reminders or instructions). Ari is the only AI/human hybrid candidate communication solution. If it has difficulty answering a query, the discussion will be passed on to a human recruiter to guarantee that it is handled correctly.

It is learned that applicants value fast and natural correspondence with the achievement of text messaging in the recruiting room. Technology will continue to develop, and the platform will continue to give employers the liberty and control they need to interact with applicants in the ways they want to reach through various channels.

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