Importance of Tech-backed Employee Wellness Programs

By HR Tech Outlook | Tuesday, December 11, 2018

importance of employee wellness programsEmployee’s health plays a key role when it comes to the productivity of a company and its growth, as a result of which many companies have invested hefty in employee wellness programs. Also, such programs are an attraction to many new talents when it comes to choosing between the best. It has been observed when a candidate has to choose between more than one firm providing similar kind of remunerations and facilities, such wellness initiatives become the deciding factor. The changing era of technology has shown its impact on these wellness programs as well. Let us see how much these tech-backed programs are effective and are innovating the wellness initiatives.

The major drawback with traditional employee wellness programs is that they are not cost effective. Also, the database in such programs is usually a bit outdated; this creates problems while making the strategies for wellness initiatives. Conducting tests and surveys can be hectic as well as costly. Here is when technology comes into the role; the modern day tech-based fitness wearables are highly capable of recording and maintain a real-time database which helps a lot to health insurance companies and employers to collectively make new strategies for the employee wellness program. Strategies made with current and real-time data are highly effective and also saves cost on employers. Tech-based wearable provides data whose analysis succor the employers in investing their funds in the right direction and maintain a healthy environment at workstations.

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These wellness initiatives can only be effective when they are properly implemented in the hierarchy. Creating it as health culture is a challenge in itself but is very beneficial when observed as a whole. To optimize, leaders in the organization must take up the initiative to build an enthusiastic environment which will encourage all to adopt the culture. Apart from exercise and fitness wearable things like indoor plantation, cleanliness, natural lighting, office seating also are important parts of employee wellness programs.

Employees with chronic disease can also be benefitted with such wellness initiatives. The technology incorporated is predictive and allows the employer to provide a medical aid which in turn improves their quality of life. As a study suggests that continuous monitoring and tracking of employee’s health leads to an increase in productivity and reduces their absenteeism from work.                   

Introduction of tech-backed wellness initiatives in the business workflow will also enable you to avoid unnecessary health claims. At times a healthy looking employee also can be at risk, which is not easily detectable without technology. Technology enabled fitness wearable identifies such ‘at-risk’ employee and one can offset major healthcare cost from their back. Moreover one can minimize and perhaps completely eliminate their chances of becoming chronically ill patients.

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