Implementation of Learning Management Systems in Post-Pandemic Training

HR Tech Outlook | Monday, December 13, 2021

The effective application of Learning Management Systems can help organizations to train or up skill their team which can help them to adapt to their workplace technology advancements.

FREMONT, CA: The demand for remote, customized learning and development solutions has risen after the pandemic crises that have caused companies to invest in the right sort of technology. It is especially important for companies that have remote or hybrid workplaces to ensure their employees can easily access training materials and assessments from anywhere. This technology must be functional, intuitive, and adaptable. To effectively train or up skill the team, the determination of the right technology and tools are vital.

Some organizations are developing e-learning eco-systems that allow learners to get access to all the numerous techniques and tools available to them. However, just having the right offerings is not sufficient but organizing them to be suitable for the place of learning is also vital. On this matter, Mitchell says that because of all the different technologies, the integration of different tools in a single technology is necessary, from the learner's perspective. On this, Tessitore said that there should be a platform for learning and assessments that one can reach anytime and should be able to respond properly to fully remote synchronous or asynchronous classes.  LMS with an effective e-learning ecosystem offers several ways to learn what one needs and assess their education at the same time. Even quizzes and written video assessments are possible with this ecosystem.


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