Impact of AI in HR Sector

HR Tech Outlook | Friday, October 01, 2021

AI offers a plethora of opportunities to enhance HR functions end-to-end and provide stability and accuracy in daily operations.

Fremont, CA: AI has been drastically transforming the business landscape across various industries in the past few decades. Over the years, AI has been inspiring industry sectors to embrace change and transform their business models. Jumping on this bandwagon of digital transformation, HR professionals have also been reshaping their operations by implementing AI applications and tools.

AI has been influencing almost all aspects of HR, including job postings, recruiting, and onboarding procedures. Companies utilize AI applications to find the right talents and stay ahead of the competition. One of the major issues HR professionals face is the challenge of attracting and identifying potential candidates for job positions. However, with AI, it is possible to tailor-make job postings according to the trends, luring the attention of job seekers. The job descriptions are customized from a marketing perspective where AI helps to identify the correct use of language and avoid jargon. This invariably helps companies to expand their talent pool and stand out from their competitors.

Application screening is another aspect where recruiters find themselves baffled. This process is time-consuming as well as a tedious task. With the assistance of AI chatbots, however, these processes can now be automated. The bots help to narrow down the applicants based on their availability, skills, salary expectations, and demographic information. By doing so, recruiters are able to focus on other core responsibilities and perform their activities more efficiently.

Another prominent application of AI in HR is predictive analytics. Using this technology, hiring managers can determine whether a candidate is the right fit for the job role or not. Companies are now able to perform try-outs to assess a candidate’s on-the-job skills using AI. This helps to reduce organizational turnover.

In addition, AI helps to enhance employee experience as well. Using HR chatbots, employers can interact effectively with their employees and ensure employee satisfaction. Employees are able to notify about their issues through chatbots and seek assistance from the HR department. Similarly, chatbots play a significant role in conducting staff training sessions in an appealing way. An interactive session will never fail to make an impression and will ensure employee engagement.

The future of AI applications in HR is quite promising, and in the near future, HR can evolve to be more impactful and powerful with the technology. Implementing AI-assisted applications can hugely help the HR sector to achieve excellence in every aspect.

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