iHire Publishes Survey Results and Report on State of Online Recruiting 2019

HR Tech Outlook | Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Steve Flook, President & CEO

FREMONT, CA: The job hunt and talent acquisition are uphill tasks for job seekers and talent acquisition teams respectively. The employers strive to acquire and retain top talent amid a deluge of job applications and widening skill gaps. On the other hand, job seekers also explore various opportunities to find a workplace that can live up to their expectations. iHire helps businesses tackle these challenges by bridging the gap between employers and job seekers and as a part of its mission, the company has published its inaugural State of Online Recruiting report.

The report comprises the results of a survey of more than 1,650 U.S. employers and job seekers across more than 50 industries. iHire’s report focuses mainly on the challenges and opportunities for bridging the gap between employers and job seekers. The report states that the quest for qualified talent is heating up with 53.5 percent of employers not getting applicants who suit their requirements. iHire’s report also emphasizes the need for stronger two-way communication between employers and candidates. The state of the online recruiting report states that job seekers and employers are not aligned on the importance of company culture. It highlights the ineffectiveness of general job boards as 53.7 percent of the employees cited receiving too many irrelevant or underqualified applicants as their top online recruiting challenge.

Steve Flook, President, and CEO, iHire says, “Despite the rise of online recruiting technologies, hiring hasn’t become much easier – especially given today’s low unemployment rates and widening skills gap.” Steve further adds, “Our survey findings confirmed many of the concerns we are hearing from each group, such as employers’ struggle to find qualified candidates and candidates’ frustration with a lack of communication from employers. To connect companies and candidates more efficiently, both sides must prioritize the right blend of tools and tactics while taking the time to better understand each other’s needs.”

iHire offers a comprehensive solution for employers as well as job seekers. The company’s tool, Job Wrap is a workflow automation solution that captures job ads from employers’ websites and automatically posts them to their communities. iHire’s innovative solution iMatch uses advanced logic to accumulate job ads from across the web to deliver opportunities directly to the relevant candidates.  Steve says, “Anyone can use technology to improve the way they do business, whether that involves simplifying talent acquisition or automating a task.” He further adds, “People are your most valuable asset, which is why finding, hiring, and retaining talent is more important than ever. That makes what we do — connecting employers with qualified candidates—much more meaningful.”

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