iHire Launches Choice Employer Program to Promote Fair Recruitment

By HR Tech Outlook | Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Steve Flook, President & CEO

iHire launches its Choice Employer Program, a branding initiative that supports an industry-wide movement toward candidate-centric recruiting and promotes commitment to fair hiring, fast applications, and candidate communication.

FREMONT, CA: To support an industry-wide movement to encourage candidate-centric recruiting, iHire launched its branding initiative—Choice Employer program. By pledging to support fair hiring practices, quick application processes, and candidate communication, organizations that will recruit through iHire’s 56 industry-specific communities can enhance their reach, boost the employer brands, and easily attract qualified talents to their organizations. 

Companies that are looking to join iHire’s Choice Employer Program must take the pledge confirming their dedication to providing a positive candidate experience through: 

Fair Hiring Practices: The company affirms it is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE).

Fast Applications: Candidates can complete initial applications in 10 minutes or less.

Candidate Communication: The company guarantees to inform the applicants if a job closes or they are no longer looking to fill the position. This feature will eliminate the applicant “black hole”—a common annoyance for job seekers who apply for a position and never obtain a response from the employer.

Organizations that take the pledge are awarded for declaring their candidate-centric hiring methods with boosted job postings. These candidates will receive premium placement in candidate-job alert emails, shared with the most relevant job seekers through iHire’s robust matching algorithm. The Choice Employer’s job will be featured on high-traffic job search pages along with iHire’s community site homepages. 

The innovation of newer tools to help solve the user’s challenges has always been the goal of iHire; For this unique trait and excellence, the firm was recognized as one of the Top 10 Recruiting Software Solution Providers by the HR Tech Outlook Magazine for 2019. The new Choice Employer program is an addition to a list of candidate-centric recruiting practices of the company. 

With the reward, Choice Employers, such as Coordinated Counseling Services, GNY Insurance, Metro One, Next Stage Design + Build, Punch Bowl Social, and Stanford Dental and Associates, are also presented with an exclusive iHire Choice Employer badge. Job seekers can look at the badge on the company’s profile to know if the employer is committed to a higher standard of hiring, making them more interested in the company and the position it is offering.

“Hiring top talent in a competitive job market requires employers to treat job seekers well,” said Steve Flook, iHire’s President and CEO. “iHire’s Choice Employer program is our way of incentivizing and rewarding employers for helping address an overdue industry-wide overhaul of the candidate experience. By promising a fair and fast application process – free of the applicant ‘black hole’ – organizations can build strong employer brands that win over the right talent.”

“Our technology platform, comprising 56 industry-specific talent communities, connects employers with five-times more qualified talent whose resumes match their required skill sets. It’s quality over quantity,” added he.

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