Hyper-Connected Workforce: 4 Best-Practices to Manage Them

HR Tech Outlook | Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Today’s workforce is facing many challenges. It is only by embracing new technology and assessing its use and value, an organization can manage the workforce.

Fremont, CA: In the modern corporate culture, the functions of the HR department have changed drastically due to the rise of instant messaging, collaboration tools, and work-related social media in the workplace. The modern-day employees can be called hyper-connected workforce. This indicates that the conventional work systems are inadequate for the employees. Here are a few ways employers can manage the hyper-connected workforce. 


Just as today’s generation cannot wait for three seconds for a webpage to load, employees are always connected via office messenger, email, smartphones, tablets, or other devices. As a result, employees expect the information to be available all the time. For employers to manage the connected workforce, it is imperative that the tools and the connectivity are always at their disposal. 


Along with availability, employers have to be flexible enough and allow employees lenient work hours instead of the traditional 9 to 5. Employees are not satisfied with conventional working methods. Also, there has been a rise in gig workers with digital nomadism. As a result, organizations have to leverage technology to cope with the changing trends and be pliable enough to provide hyper-connectivity to their employees.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence can assist employers in managing the employees. Using the same algorithms as dating sites, employers can intelligently create a team of employees and gig workers across the globe. The algorithm can match people based on their skill, experience, area of expertise or interest, request for advice, and projects. For instance, a company is looking for a blockchain expert. They could start by writing an email requesting the requirement. The artificial intelligence algorithm can then read the body of the email and suggest profiles that meet the requirement.  

Tech-driven Networking 

As the workforce is becoming more tech-savvy and more connected to technology, employers need a tech-driven approach to networking and community building. LinkedIn has achieved a tech-driven approach, but it still requires an introduction from someone or a manual search. In the future, artificial intelligence may assist by automatically recommending people matching an individual’s networking requirements. 

Technology is transforming the HR landscape, and for HR teams, it is paramount to stay up-to-date with the developments to manage the hyper-connected workforces.

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