HR Technologies Reinventing the Realm of Talent Acquisition

By HR Tech Outlook | Thursday, May 30, 2019

Hr - Talent AcquisitionFREMONT, CA: HR Industry will see increasing adoption of nudge-based technology designed to foster productive employee behavior, increased scrutiny of artificial intelligence tools, and enhanced use of specialized point systems. This year, organizations will continue to transition their core HR systems into the cloud and use more AI-driven technologies to automate HR-employee communication. These advances will enable HR professionals to reduce their training budgets, resources significantly, and also, enable them to make informed decisions from the data they have at their fingertips to other business departments.  

Blockchain technology is also suitable for enhancing the hiring and recruitment process–it could provide quick and easy proof of training and verification of work history. Depending on the verified ratings or reviews, the decentralized public ledger allows employers to easily and quickly compare and evaluate potential hires. Blockchain tech also has the potential to eliminate fraud reliably and rapidly by empowering job seekers to create a digital file of their educational qualifications. Traditionally, confirmation of this process takes weeks. A trusted blockchain HR system can record the education, skills, training, and workplace performance of employees and can generate some of the high potentials on both sides of the job relationship.

Mobile connectivity enables employees at any time, from anywhere, to access data. Hence, their on-site availability for various business functions such as remote attendance, meeting schedules, and interviews is not restricted. Organizations need highly integrated mobile solutions that encourage both managers and employees to manage their programs and receive feedback from their mobile device to successfully manage, engage, and retain the younger workforce of today. Besides, a set of mobile self-service platforms will enable users to perform multiple functions without help.

AI is storming the HR industry–affecting job descriptions and redefining how professionals are working with HR and talent management. For instance, not only does AI speed up HR professionals' sorting and filtering process by helping them scan resumes, but now AI technology is humanizing the system by giving recruiters more time to speak to strong candidates. As IoT becomes more integral to people, it will be even more relevant to different organizations' HR functions. Facilitating an organizational culture that thrives on the IoT will enable HR to fully implement employee benefits such as flexi-timing, remote location work, and ongoing management of performance.

There are many ways that technology can make HR teams more productive. Implementing these HR tech strategies will make life easier and ensure competitors remain ahead of them. 

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