HR Tech startup Neurolytics receives 250k growth money from science institute and starts new collaborations with large parties

HR Tech Outlook | Wednesday, September 23, 2020

In these extra challenging times, the Dutch HR Tech startup Neurolytics has received 250,000 euros from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research to further develop its AI video solution for HR and recruitment. This grant strengthens the company's resolve to build more collaborations, such as the ones it has with PwC and the Ministry of Defense.

Neurolytics, which helps companies to find the right employees with the help of AI video assessments, has been awarded the NWO Take Off Phase 2 loan. Funding for innovative startups that bring scientific knowledge to the market. They were assessed on the basis of good knowledge and innovation, a very good commercial perspective, excellent quality of the team and good quality of the future/project plan.


The startup collaborates with Utrecht University on research that analyzes human behavior from video to arrive at an objective, unbiased and digital recruitment process. Our science-based video scan analyzes motivation, stress resilience and match with the organizational culture, among other things. We also give candidates personal feedback for self-development, explains Felix Hermsen, co-founder of Neurolytics. This ensures that organizations can make better choices, implement an ongoing learning process and select talent that is motivated and doesnt leave prematurely.


The timing of the new funding is particularly favorable, as Neurolytics recently started collaborating with major parties such as PwC and the Ministry of Defense. When discussing the capabilities and benefits of the software, Hermsen says that An employer wants to show a candidate who they are, what they do and why they do it; they are proud of that. As a candidate you want to get an equal chance, know what to expect and whether you will be happy working there .


Partly due to the accelerated transition to location-independent working due to COVID-19, Neurolytics sees an increase in demand for its remote product. Hermsen: "Strategic development of your workforce and remote recruiting fits perfectly in the current era and will only become more important in the future."

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