HR Tech Outlook Magazine Names Hodges-Mace 2018 Top 10 Cloud Solution Provider

By HR Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

ATLANTA, GA: Hodges-Mace, LLC, an award-winning benefits delivery innovator,has been recognized as one of the Top 10 Cloud Solution Providers in 2018 by HR Tech Outlook magazine.  The company is profiled here in the July issuefeaturing an interview with Co-CEO, Greg Hodges, and President and CTO, Kevin Andrews.

This spring, HR Tech Outlook’s editorial board, along with a panel of CEOs, CIOs and analysts, evaluated eligible companies with proven track records for assisting enterprise companies with robust cloud solutions.  Hodges-Mace was selected for its ability to deliver a powerful mobile benefits solution that helps employees understand and optimize complex benefit packages. 

Since 2007, Hodges-Mace has been creating customer success stories by leveraging the power of technology to innovate and improve the employee experience. The company’s AI-enabled SmartBen solution can be layered on top of an underlying healthcare management system (HMS) and has proven to boost employee engagement, trust and retention more than 200 percent in a single year.

“Hodges-Mace helps employers improve their overall delivery of benefits by implementing cutting-edge solutions coupled byrobustemployee engagement and decision-support services,” said Hanna Wilson, Managing Editor of HR Tech Outlook magazine. “We are delighted to select them as a 2018 Top 10 Cloud Solution Provider.”

Hodges-Mace understands today’s heightenedsecurity concerns around the cloud as witnessed by major data breaches by companies includingFacebook, Equifax and Ticketmaster. Hodges-Maceis the only benefits delivery firm to offer each client its own unique encryption key while still allowing for universal updates and enhancements. 

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