How to Reengineer your Employer Brand?

HR Tech Outlook | Thursday, August 26, 2021

Your employer brand is a promise you make to current and prospective employees about what the company will offer in a collaborative relationship. It should attract top talent while also engaging and motivating staff.

Fremont, CA: Every company has an employer brand, whether meticulously crafted or developed organically. Whether your present employer brand is powerful or weak, now is the moment to make sure it is basic yet captivating, grounded in reality but inspiring, ownable, distinct, and illustrable.

Learning three ownable, unique characteristics of employment with the company that you can confidently convey to existing employees and prospective is critical to modernizing your employer brand. To narrow the list down to three truths, do leadership interviews, employee focus groups, and anonymous employee polls. Then, explore each quality in-depth to explain how and why it is unique to your organization, including why it was founded, how it is structured, how executives perform their duties, and its culture.

The finest employer brands, like well-known consumer brands, use emotionally appealing language and imagery. This isn't HR or internal communications work; it's marketing. Allow the creatives to shine by using uplifting language that pulls you up rather than drowning you in facts. Final designs should be tested with HR representatives, long-serving staff, and new hires. Then, with built-in staff support, go to leadership for a final decision.

Conduct leadership training before introducing your new employer brand to ensure that they can define the brand and answer queries about it. Most essential, talk about how they'll live the brand through their actions and words.

Identify innovative ways to incorporate your employer brand into the employee experience daily. Then, while you're at it, identify any off-brand habits or language that must be phased out and include them in your rollout strategy.

Nobody likes change, but in today's business world, it is unavoidable. Engage change management professionals to undertake stakeholder assessments, map out the current to future state changes required internally, and execute a disciplined plan to engage and teach all staff.

There are plenty of skeptics globally, and you'll undoubtedly have some employees who doubt your ability to live up to the new employer brand. Prepare meaningful responses to inquiries, aligned support from workplace influencers, and new evidence of how you're living up to the higher bar you've set to handle these difficulties. Recognize that it will take a lot of effort, and ask for their feedback on what else may be done to show it.

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