How to Make Onboarding Process Effective for New Hires?

Hanna Wilson, HR Tech Outlook | Monday, June 29, 2020

Companies that are equipped with an efficient employee onboarding strategy have higher employee engagement and retention rates. In this article, we are giving away four onboarding steps to help organizations nail down an excellent one for their new employees

Fremont, CA: Every organization strives to hire purple squirrels and provide them with the best possible experience as their employees. That is when onboarding comes in the picture. Companies who are equipped with an efficient employee onboarding have a higher employee engagement and retention. Establishing an effective onboarding process can also help attract new talents.

Let us look at some onboarding tips that can help organizations establish a good one: Top 10 Recruitment Solution Companies – 2020

Provide Proper Mentoring to the New Hires

Initial days at work are crucial for new employees. Organizations need to start mentoring their new hires from the very first of joining. Organizations can assign a personal mentor to every new hire to help them understand what is expected of them as employees and workings of the company. Quora has set an outstanding example in mentoring its newly hired employees by providing them mentors.

Set a People-First Approach

Most of the new employees feel nervous and confused on their first day at the office. It is not easy for everyone to get comfortable with new people in new environments. In such cases, organizations should work towards ensuring their first day is smooth and welcoming. For instance, DigitalOcean welcomes its new joiners by decorating their desks with handwritten notes and balloons.

Adopt a Buddy System

The buddy system has become a ubiquitous and largely adopted onboarding process. It allows new employees to have a co-worker as a guide and mentor through their early days in the workplace. The practice is also adopted by many companies with employees working remotely.

Buffer assists new hires by allocating three buddies to get started on their Buffer journey.

Ensure a New Employees are Ready to Work

Organizations should take the onboarding process seriously, for it avails the opportunity to transfer company knowledge to their new hires. The goal is to ensure they are ready to do their job, their official email addresses are made, desks are all set up, and documents regarding job expectations are prepared. Twitter calls their onboarding process ‘Yes to Desk,’ which mandates following a series of 75 steps.

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